The identification, evaluation and control of health and safety risks in the workplace reflect concern with the well-being of employees, increasing their motivation and adherence to organizational values.

Thus, when in the 31st of December of 2003 we have certified our Occupational Health and Safety Management System, according the ISO 45001 standard, we set ourselves the challenge of finding real ways to reduce risk in the workplace, focusing on reductions in work-related accidents and illnesses.

The primary goals of these normative frameworks are to:

• Minimize risk to employees and other interested parties,
• Improve organizational performance,
• Help to promote an image of social responsibility.
• Reducing the risk of accidents and work related illnesses,
• Improving the organizational image,
• Demonstrating the organization commitment towards meeting the legislation in effect,
• Reduced costs (compensation, insurance premiums, accident-related losses, lost working days),
• Improvement in employee satisfaction and motivation by promoting and guaranteeing a safe and healthy working environment,
• Promoting a culture of prevention throughout the organization,
• Reducing absenteeism,
• More effective and proactive operational planning.

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