Can you imagine socks that prevent our legs and feet from ageing? In a world eager for innovations, Fiorima has developed a range of products which combine a group of features that could contribute to the daily wellbeing of millions of people around the planet: DermaGoldSocks®.

The DermaGoldSocks® were created by Fiorima to provide the skin of our feet and legs with anti-ageing properties: moisturizing, firming and anti-oxidant. These revolutionary socks are the result of months of development that involve technical activities, design, development and management. Fiorima believe in ongoing innovation and textile research, generating upscale concepts that aim to improve consumer’s quality of life.

DermaGoldSocks® are produced with a deluxe and sophisticated fiber created through complex nanotechnology processes that has anti-aging properties. Unlike other fibres that add cosmetic effects or particles to its fabrics through microencapsulation, the fibre used by Fiorima bonds nanoparticles to hyaluronic acid, resulting in a fiber that has cosmetic properties in its own “DNA”, acting directly on the skin through 3 effects:

Moisturizing: when the moisture content of our epidermis falls below 10% the skin appears dry and flaky; further drying can lead to reduced flexibility and cracking, helping the cells hold in their moisture.

Firming: boosts the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles and helping the skin look smoother.

Anti-oxidant: helps the body fight the effects of free radicals.