Social Responsibility Policy

Fiorima, S.A. is strongly committed in the search for a continuous improvement of its performance. For that reason, the company decided to implement and maintain a Social Responsibility Management System.

The Social Responsibility Policy is based on the following principles:

• FIORIMA’s Administration assumes the commitment of denying child labour directly or indirectly, not accepting forced labour practices, promoting the security and health of its collaborators, ensuring their freedom of association and representation, refusing discriminatory practices, guaranteeing the dignified and respectful treatment of all staff members, ensuring fair work conditions, namely in what concerns work time and wages, and contributing to a better social performance of its suppliers.
• Guaranteeing the fulfilment of the legislation in force, namely labour related legislation;
• Respect the international instruments associated with Human Rights and Labour issues
• Promoting the continuous improvement of the Social Responsibility Management System.
• Ensure the life quality at work, particularly in what concerns the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases with the goal of positioning the Company as a reference in the National Industry.
• Assume a commitment with the law and regulations on Environment, Security, Hygiene and Health in force applicable to the company.
• Promotion and supervision of the security and health conditions of our staff.
• Timely adaptation of the human and technical resources, as well as of the training, information and consultancy systems for the collaborators.

We consider that our client is the centre of our activity and that our staff is, at each moment, the motor that propels us to success.

We intend to promote, with all our clients, collaborators, suppliers and investors, what we call a «Winner-Winner Relationship».

In Fiorima, S.A., we are fully engaged and committed to a policy of guaranteed quality services and product supply, always with a standpoint of respect towards the environment and security of our staff, meeting the needs of our clients and permanently encouraging the continuous improvement, through the periodic review of the performance, taking into account the definition of preventive, corrective and continuous improvement actions.

Braga, 26 January 2017